Latex Balloons

Come on in! You won't be disappointed with our extensive and exciting range of high quality latex balloons. Just click on the category you're interested in and make your selection. If you've got the celebration, we've got the perfect balloon. Our balloons are 100% biodegradable and come in a huge range of colours, shades, designs and sizes. Happily, our latex balloons, being made to the highest of standard,  means they break down at approximately the same rate of an oak leaf! How good is that! Latex balloons can be filled with air or helium. However, as molecules of balloon helium are very tiny, they seep through the pores of the latex balloon material and gradually the balloon deflates! BUT the bigger the balloon the longer it takes to go down! For example, our superb 3' giant latex balloons will stay afloat for three to five days, and our 11" latex balloons remain inflated for approximately eight to eleven hours. So size matters! Our latex balloons are great for balloon releases, parties and other celebrations. Why not try inflating with air and use them with our balloon cups and sticks. You can find these in our Balloon Accessories Section. Spoilt for choice!